Gorgeous Toddler Master C

I met playful energetic 14 month old toddler, Master C for a photo session at the Penrith Weir Reserve last weekend. We had a blast running around, chasing bubbles, splashing in little puddles and playing with his little stuffed elephant. We were keeping an eye on the clouds and wondering whether it would rain or clear up, hoping for sunshine particularly for the gorgeous looking wedding that was being set up nearby in the gardens. I am quite sure had it rained he would have loved it though. I enjoyed capturing his playfulness, cheekiness, his ‘kissy lips’ as well as the softer side of him cuddling his toy when he started getting tired. Letting him just be rather than trying to get him to pose made it easier to capture those moments that I hope they are all able to treasure for a lifetime. It was hard picking a favourite shot as they are all so different but if I had to pick it would either be the snuggles with his toy elephant or close ups of his hands and feet showing how much fun it is to run bare feet through mud and water.. Here are just some of the photos from his session, I hope you all enjoy them.

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